South Carolina has regrettably not been spared from the country’s epidemic of drug and alcohol addiction. Appreciatively, we’ve come a long way in how we handle addiction. Currently, addiction specialists and the medical society at large know drug abuse and addiction as a disease, with comparable relapse rates to other illnesses, like diabetes.

Whether you are dealing with addiction or you’re worried about a loved one, it’s imperative to know that having a drug addiction problem is not a moral failing. Many persons dealing with drug or alcohol addiction will require professional help to stop, particularly those with a past of relapse. With the proper help, addiction treatment is possible.

United Recovery Project Outpatient and Inpatient Programs

We provide a broad range of treatment programs at our South Florida rehab center, including dual diagnosis treatment for patients dealing with co-occurring mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety.

We’ve planned our programs not only to handle physical addiction, but also the emotional, mental, and spiritual challenges that so frequently cause addiction. We provide various luxury programs at our South Florida Center for those residents of South Carolina who do not want to seek treatment in a drug rehab in South Carolina.

Intensive Outpatient

This is non-residential care at drug rehab in South Carolina is intended to offer ongoing support for patients on their sobriety journey. Intensive outpatient treatment is perfect for those who have finalized a partial hospitalization  or residential program and who want to go on with treatment while going to school or working .

Some patients may be qualified for our intensive outpatient program without finalizing a residential treatment program first. For patients with a co-occurring health illness, like general anxiety or bipolar disorder, we commend starting with the partial hospitalization program then the outpatient rehab program.

We tailor our South Florida outpatient treatment plans to suit the needs of each patient. Our IOP program may include:

  • Pharmacological tools
  • Life skills training

Individual and group counseling sessions

  • Behavioral therapy sessions
  • Medical and mental health treatment and monitoring
  • Access to 24-hour crisis care

Treatment at United Recovery Project

United Recovery Project offers evidence-based care in a welcoming and safe environment. Our counseling and clinical staff offer addiction treatment for patients of all backgrounds and ages. We provide conventional treatment services for patients from South Carolina in place of specialized programs for military members, veterans, students, first responders, and seniors and older adults.

Joined Recovery Project gives understanding centered liquor and medication detox programs, inpatient, private, outpatient and fractional hospitalization settings. Our clinical staff and instructors utilize the current demonstrated treatments and medicines to help patients address basic underlying foundations of compulsion. We adopt a comprehensive strategy, tending to every patient’s enthusiastic, physical, mental, and profound necessities.

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