10 short rules of etiquette in a fitness club, which should be observed during training. Useful checklist not only for beginners! Check which of these rules are in your habit, and which still need to be pumped. Add your options in the comments!

Surprisingly, for many visitors, swimming pools, gyms and exercise machines remain such a place for a long time. The fact is that instructors explain how to use shells and show where the shower is, but they do not always tell about all the subtleties of behavior in the hall.

That is why clubs have unwritten rules, which can be called etiquette. Some of them explain experienced clients to new arrivals, others have to learn from their own cones. Remember

10 simple rules of conduct in the fitness room to feel comfortable in it from the very first day.

  1. Carefully choose your outfit and clothing. No one forces you to buy the whole fresh collection, the main thing here: relevance, convenience and comfort. Each sport has its own clothes and shoes. So, running shoes are not suitable for exercises with a barbell. Proper ammunition will not only contribute to better results, but also relieve you of surprised looks and give you a feeling of self-confidence.
  2. Do not take exercise machines for a long time. Approaches on one projectile do not take much time, so have completed the exercises – leave. Often the trainees have a bad habit of resting on the simulator between sets, and if they move away from it, they leave their towel or bottle of water: “I’m here.” Other visitors perceive these signs, not daring to take a place. In order not to earn a bad reputation and not make others wait, immediately release shells.
  3. Be sure to wipe after any equipment – exercise equipment, dumbbells, barbell bar and “great.” This rule of club etiquette has not yet taken root everywhere, so become a positive example for others. By the way, disinfectant wipes may have to be brought with you. Both you and other visitors will be pleased to sit on a clean, dry saddle of an exercise bike.
  4. Try to calculate the time on the road to the club and not be late for training. This is especially true for group classes: your comrades have time to speed up and start the main program during this time, you will have to “catch up” with them all. Without a full workout, strength training may not be allowed at all, and if you attend yoga classes, then you risk violating someone’s meditation.
  5. Telephone conversations during the lesson – definitely a bad manners. For the duration of your workout, your smartphone is nothing more than a player, timer or pedometer. Disconnect the connection for at least one hour and put the gadget into silent mode so as not to be distracted or disturb others. It is customary to solve important issues by phone on a treadmill only in Hollywood films, in reality this is completely inappropriate.
  6. Try not to distract other visitors with conversations and tips. If you saw that someone is doing the exercise incorrectly, give the right to intervene to a professional coach – he probably noticed this too. Of course, this does not apply to traumatic situations when a warning is entirely appropriate. If you yourself feel that something went wrong, do not hesitate to ask for help from a trainer or others.
  7. The mirrors in the hall are common, and the pitching in front of them does not just stand and admire themselves. Do not block them – you need to see your reflection for self-control and hone the right technique, which is very important. Try not to stop at the mirrors, but better to go around the hall from the side of the walls.
  8. Do not be alarmed and do not be alarmed. Even if you are a beginner in the “rocking chair”, you will quickly get used to the rumble of iron and will stop bouncing each time scared. But etiquette tells us that effectively dropping the Oxandrolone Cycle Online from its height with the latter approach is not just dangerous. It really scares others and at least distracts. Work on yourself, not on the public!
  9. Politeness is your everything. It does not matter for what purpose people come to the fitness club, their main desire is to become better. Here everyone is interested in friendliness and respect for each other, it is not without reason that athletes are a big family, even when they are competing with each other. Leave your bad mood outside: you will see that after a good workout it will disappear altogether.
  10. Do not sit for a long time in the locker room. At peak times, they can be quite crowded. Try to take as little space as possible on the benches and immediately put away excess items and bags in the booth. The same applies to the shower: after your workout, arrange total relaxation with SPA procedures, but at home. In the fitness club, quickly get in order and let others do the same.

Observing these simple rules, you can easily feel comfortable in any fitness club and will certainly earn respect. Tell your friends about them who were inspired by your example and decided to keep you company!

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