Speed agility and quickness training for athletes is very important because it makes him strong and gives him the strength to perform all the desired tasks. Professionals have to undergo this SAQ training. This training is given to the athletes to improve their stability in all planes of the motion. The training includes providing movements to the body at different speeds and different body positions.

What are speed, agility, and quickness?

  • Speed is the measure of distance covered by a body at a particular time, in a particular direction. It also means, how one is able to move his arms and legs while he is trying to move fast.
  • Agility is how a person manages its motion with proper body postures. It means, how quickly one can increase or decrease his speed in necessary situations while walking or running. If a person is running at a fast speed, and suddenly he sees a wall in front of him. The way he will change direction while maintaining his speed can be called agility. 
  • Quickness refers to how your body does reflex actions. It refers to your instant and rapid responses in a particular season.

Exercises included in SAQ training:

  • There are many different ways in which SAQ training is given to athletes.
  • They are made to do the T-drill to improve their agility and speed. T-drill also lays emphasis on the quick shuffling of the feet.
  • Another one is the zig-zag drill. This is for checking the ability of an athlete to know how he manages to change his speed while maintaining the balance.
  • Some other exercises are tennis ball drop and chase drills. 

SAQ training is given to the athletes to make them gain control of their body movements. Because of this SAQ training, athletes are able to perform all the desired activities without getting injured. They are also taught co-ordination. Athletes get involved in the Plyometric drills, where they do activities like jumping and hopping.

SAQ training makes your body stable and stronger. It prevents athletes from getting injured. The training helps people to maintain an overall balance and coordination in one’s life. So, fitness trainer education is really important if one wants to be safe and does not want to get injured.

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