Muscle pains can be frustrating and very painful. If you are suffering from muscle pain, you may search for an effective way to reduce the pain. Today, many choose the TENs therapies to get rid of muscle pain that occurs due to injury and strain. The TENs pad is designed based on the study of musculoskeletal this means that they can give the optimum relief from your muscle pain. You can make effective use of this pad by knowing the right spot to place it. If you do not know how to place TENs pads then you can see the step by step instructions to use it.

The amazing benefits of TENs of pads

For fantastic pain relief

The main benefits of using TENs pad is for fantastic pain relief effects. The pad stimulates the nerve and manages the pain. This can effectively reduce chronic muscle pain in the hips and back. From arm, back, hips and for any other muscle pain, you can rely on these lifesaving pads. The main element of the pad to relieve pain is releasing endorphins. Therefore, when using the TENs pads, there is no side effects.

The lasting relief

When using the pad, you can expect temporary to lasting pain relief benefits. The electric TENs pad does not hurt or harm any body parts. They are mild and effective for every type of muscle pain.

The most effective and efficient therapy

The TENs pad is suitable for both simple and intensive therapy. Many types of research have suggested they work best for pelvic pain in women.

They are highly portable.

One of the best benefits of using this pad is its portability. You can carry it to any place even when going on vacations. By placing the pad on the right pain spot, you can experience amazing relief at home. Also, these pads are very easy to handle and set up.

For complete healing

The TENs pad not only distracts the pain but also completely heals it. By stimulating the nerves, it also helps in good blood circulation in that area.

The step by step process to use TENs pads effectively.

If you do not have any idea about how to place a TENs pad, then follow these steps carefully.

  • First, you need to identify the area where you are experiencing muscle pain. Ensure if it is a muscle pain to experience maximum pain relief benefits.
  • The TENs pad comes with different pads. If you have four pads in it, then place it in different places. Ensure there is at least one-inch distance between each of the electrode pad.
  • If you want to experience instant pain relief, then try using more than one pad. Using two pads in the pain area with the one-inch distance between each pad is the right way to use it.
  • You can place the pad in a horizontal or vertical style. Also, it is not recommended to place the pads in the knee or elbows. Ensure that the pads are placed in a stable place. The main thing to remember is the pad should not move when it is working.
  • The quality TENs pad comes with easy controls. You can adjust the electric current rate according to your pain level.
  • Do not keep the TENs pad anywhere near your face or sensitive areas. If you have chronic pain, then place two pads vertically in the area. For small pains, you can use one pad.


Without tablets or therapy, you can get rid of muscle pain with the smart TENs pad. Get the quality pad to experience amazing pain relief benefits. Also, closely follow the sites to use the TENs pad properly.

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